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Naming a Collaborative Workspace

Posted by Jen Whitson

Remember way back in June when I first mentioned the possibility of a collaborative workspace?  Of course you do, right? Well, there are plans in the works to build one sometime in the next year.

The results of June’s survey have been instrumental in the initial planning stages.  So thanks to all of you who responded, as we’re including your feedback every step of the way. But, we need your help again.  In order to start the paperwork for a not-for-profit co-working space that serves the Montreal games and new media community, we need to find a name.  And one that translates elegantly into both French and English.

So have you put your thinking caps on?  Are you brimming with creative juices?  Yes?  Then  head to this link and send us your idea. Fame and naming-glory can be yours!


Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting more details on the space in the next few weeks.

(yes.  I am now squealing in excitement that this is actually happening).