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New TAG Server – After the Consequences

Posted by mi

TAG has just launched a new Minecraft server with a custom modpack, ominously titled After the Consequences. Adopting post-dystopian themes, After the Consequences invites players to explore an infinite landscape in which sprawling cities lay empty and overtaken by lush vegetation and dangerous animals. Choreographed by Bart Simon, with input from TAG’s team of grizzled Minecraft veterans, this is the latest server in TAG’s long history with the game.

a screenshot from a minecraft wold

A screenshot from After the Consequences

After the Consequences is a bit different from the modpacks that have been seen on previous TAG servers. TAGsters will be playing in a world rebounding after an unnamed apocalypse. Nature is quietly reclaiming the remnants of a society that clearly ran rampant, made evident by the sprawling urban landscapes that dominate the game world. These city biomes are alternately quiet, brutal, and violent, filled with darkened skyscrapers and long subway tunnels holding unknown secrets. Nature biomes are enchanting, diverse, and lush — rich with a diverse array of flora, fauna, and even magic.

What has modernity wrought? How can we survive and thrive in this strange Minecraft world without high technology and deep magic? Will this be modernity reborn or something else altogether? These are all questions that will be answered as TAGsters explore, mine, create, and survive on this new server.

a windmill in minecraft

The beginnings of a new technological society in After the Consequences

After less than a week of activity, the beginnings of a new technological society have already begun to emerge in the world. Windmills and furnaces are now common sights and labyrinthian mines extend deep in the earth, uncovering new treasures (and new dangers). Although electricity buzzes across wires and smoke wafts into the air, not everyone is pushing towards a new industrial age. Some are simply satisfied with eking out their existence on the margins of the old cities, despite the dangers that both isolationism and luddism may pose to a recovering world.

If you’re a TAG member and you’re interested in playing on the new server, ping Michael to get an invite to the Discord server and the installation guide. Shirking advanced shader packs and other hefty mods, this Minecraft server is very computer-friendly. Players only require about 4GB of RAM and average system specifications to play. Why not join the server and play some modded Minecraft with your fellow TAGsters?