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Research & Creation

Breathing Games

Fabio Balli

Breathing Games mutualizes resources to make respiratory health knowledge and technologies enjoyable, accessible and freely adaptable.

Since 2016, Concordia supports Breathing Games by providing spaces and resources to host game jams and lead research.

This page gives an overview of the project. Should you wish to contribute, contact us.


Co-creation events

  • 2019 Jun 19-20. Launch of a virtual reality project. Milieux.
  • 2017 Dec 2. Workshop for administrators. Collaborate and learn differently. CTL / Shift.
  • 2017 Nov 30. Workshop for teachers and students. Collaborate and learn differently. CTL.
  • 2017 Jun 3-10. Health game jam. CTL. 10 participants.
  • 2017 Feb 18-19. Health game jam. Milieux. 30 participants
  • 2016 Nov 12-13. Health game jam. CTL. 15 participants.
  • 2016 Nov 7. Workshop on open-source hardware. District 3. 9 participants.
  • 2016 Aug 6-7. Health game jam. CTL. 25 participants.

For all events, please go to our timeline or synthesis. Images are available in our pictures page.

Games developed

Following games were initiated or partially developed at Concordia.

  • Asthma Heroes
  • Asthmonautes
  • PeakLeap
  • LungLauncher & MyRoom
  • PeakFlow
  • Pulmination
  • BreathingApp

To play, access the documentation and source code, please go to our games and hardware page.

Scientific communications

Key publications are listed on the TAG publication page and are shared in Spectrum.

For all communications, please go to our publication page.

Project funds received

Concordia also manages funds on behalf of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

For all fundings, please go to our synthesis.

Research approved

  • 2019 Jul. Évaluation d’un contrôleur de jeu pour représenter le débit expiratoire de pointe chez l’enfant. Certification nr 30011659.
  • 2018 Dec. Acceptabilité de jeux vidéos pour promouvoir l’éducation en asthme et l’auto-gestion de l’asthme chez les enfants. Certification nr 30010592.

Concordian contributors

Thanks to all contributors that helped develop this project, including following Concordians.

  • Fabio Balli
  • Marco Barahona
  • Jurdak Brooke
  • Philippe Caignon
  • Lai-Tze Fan
  • Maria Frangos
  • Colin Gallacher
  • Tristan Glatard
  • Najmeh Khalili
  • Marguerite Mendell
  • Jonathan Ng
  • Véronique Pepin
  • Jean-François Robin
  • Aurelia Roman
  • Qahtan Yaroub
  • Andrei Zanescu

Should your name be missing, please contact us.