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Research & Creation

ColorFull: a Research-Creation Game for Creative Wellness Engagement

Rebecca Goodine

Within my research-creation thesis, I investigated how game design, and particularly reflective game design, can be used as an arts based intervention for wellness development. Wellness, ‘the optimal state of health of individuals and groups,” was explored in a non-clinical, community focused context where game creation and play could be employed as an exercise in group learning. Reflective game design is an ‘alternative design agenda from which to design, deconstruct, and make sense ¬†of play experiences.’

The body of work created in this thesis was a three phase research-from-creation, where iterative cycles of making and assessment advanced its progress. First and critically was a series of participatory design workshops which invited participants to design a game that ‘helped people cope with stress.’ I secondly responded to these sessions in my own individual expressive drawing board game prototype. Third and finally, this prototype was refined in order to focus directly on the intersectional, social determinants of health.

ColorFull was displayed at the WE ASK MORE QUESTIONS THAN WE CAN ANSWER showcase in 2019.