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Research & Creation

Let’s Play Permadeath Speedrun, season 1

Pippin Barr

A video series presenting “permadeath speedruns” of games from multiple genres and eras, with a season representing approximately a single year’s worth of videos. Season 1 was created largely in 2015 (with overlap on either side). Many episodes include experimental audio alongside the gameplay.

permadeath speedrun is understood as the fastest possible playthrough of the game ending in death. That is, the speedrun means “finishing the game as fast as possible” and the permadeath means that death is final and thus represents a true ending of the game. As such, every video shows a playing of the game racing toward death. In this oppositional play, we might see new things about specific games and we might more generally think about the representation of the death of the player. Or it might just be funny.

Project Type

Games, Interface and Gesture