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Research & Creation

Play Along / Joue le jeu @ La Gaîté lyrique

Lynn Hughes, Cindy Poremba, Heather Kelley

Play Along / Joue le Jeu showcases games as the broad, rich cultural phenomenon they now are. Forget the outdated idea that contemporary games are only blockbuster products with violent content and limited visual or narrative variety. This is a golden age of creative game design! With powerful and accessible new tools and technologies, and the immense potential of networked distribution, a thriving community of game designers is producing innovative new games that speak to both longstanding and emerging themes and styles. The Gaîté’s introduction to this lively, varied world is brought to us by curators Lynn Hughes, Heather Kelley and Cindy Poremba. All three women design games themselves and have been recognized for their creative work and testimony itself to the way games are changing.

Project Type

es and Public Engagement