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September 5a7 Schedule

Posted by saleem

I’d like to thank everyone who showed up during the summer bi-weekly 5a7’s to play games, drink beer, and generally make it a great success. I’m happy to announce with the start of the new semester we’ll be going back to regularly having a 5a7 every week on Wednesday in the TAG lab.

This week (Sept. 8th) we have the very cool 1-button games submitted for the Gamma IV Challenge playable on several computers in the lab. We also will be conducting a fun experiment involving  acidity, vegetable based colours, alcohol, cabbages, blood oranges, baking soda, and stevia.

The rest of our schedule for the month:

September 15: Lumines is the game of choice for the night. Multiplayer Halo Reach might make an appearance.

September 22: Amanda is going to be demoing Propinquity for some feedback before she goes off to Copenhagen to show off her work.

September 29: We’ll be setting up some multiplayer Starcraft 2 stations as well as taking a look at any cool mods out there

If anyone has any suggestions for something they’d like to do on a Wednesday please don’t hesitate to email me. We’re open to game ideas, talks, and general shenanigans.