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TAG Research update; Sunday, the 10th January 2010

Posted by Adam

Friday, the Gestural Games Group, lead by Bart Simon and Lynn Hughes, unveiled the concept for their genre busting musical fight game, “Fists of Sloth”. Earlier in the week, Lynn, Katian Witchger and Adam met to discuss the music for “Fists of Sloth”. They will start collecting samples of music on which to base further developments. Katian and Adam also met to discuss fieldwork, specifically finding subjects for an ethnographic study of Wii games. They also launched a blog ” to chronicle our ideas, findings and insights” and invite discussion.

Jason Camlot’s project “Recite” explores the various opportunities for interesting interaction/gameplay with late Victorian era sound recordings as the context. In their recent discussions lots of ideas swirled and right now one the “Recite” team, which includes Heather Kelley and Elena Razlogova, are thinking about is an iPhone app/toy that the player can use to “victorianize” their own speech. The next team meeting is on Tuesdsay and will get caught up with current status, figure out next steps, and specifically talk about some voice control stuff that Amanda and Jason discussed recently.
The Wednesday 5à7 Symposium discussed the range of research interests represented there. Cindy Poremba lead a discussion about the documentary game, “Grime” she is developing based on the work of the contemporary artist Moose Curtis. A call was made to play games that came up in the evening’s chat. Next Wednesday Adam will present a draft of a paper he will subsequently present at the ISSEI conference in Ankara, Turkey entitled “Digital Dionysos; Nietzsche, Immersion and Rock Band”. A research roundtable, as suggested by Saleem, will happen in the near future.

If there are any errors or omissions in the “TAG Research Update”, please contact Adam and he will address them.