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TAG Profiles: Rebecca Goodine

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Rebecca Goodine is a multimedia artist and a master’s student in Concordia’s Design program.
Tell me a little bit about what you’re doing for your master’s.
Emotions and sensitivities is sort of where I’m situated with my current research — specifically, as experienced through physical game design and creative game design that is played in-person. The project that I ended up making for …

What Would Mavis Beacon Do? Punish you.

Let’s Play: Ancient Greek Punishment: Teaches Typing is the seventh game in my Ancient Greek Punishment series and the third “edition” this year (along with the Inversion Edition and the UI Edition). While I used to create versions of the game every now and then, this year I’ve developed a real interest in only making variations on this core theme for a while. As with past projects like PONGS and SNAKISMS, I find a great deal of value in these sorts of exercises in style. In particular, …

Global Game Jam

The global game jam
It was the last Friday of January 2011, at 6:15 when the volunteers at ETS explained to us the process we were about to undergo. First, we would watch a Keynote addressed to individuals from New Zealand to California, granting us the courage to begin our task. It was given in near silence, by Katamari Damacy’s designer in a body humourous style. Then we would sit in quiet for 10 minutes and …