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Feb 01, 2016

LEVEL UP! Workshop – Arduino and Circuits!


Hello, friends! LEVEL UP is back again and this time we’re throwing some breadboards into the mix! Our own Milin Li will be teaching you the basics of Arduino in an utterly electric workshop that will take place on Monday, February 1 from 6-8 PM in EV 11.425:

This workshop is an introduction level to electric circuit and Arduino devices. The workshop will begin with an overview of the Arduino system and will quickly move on to building simple series circuit games by using a breadboard with Aruino.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to:

–       Basic knowledge of electronics
–       Basic knowledge of the Arduino software system, interface and scripting logic.
–       Creating a rough prototype with a breadboard.
–       Building your own Simon Says game with electric circuits.

This is a hands-on workshop. Participants will be building a simple circuit game step by step. The code will be provided for you so no coding experience will be necessary.

–       Laptop with Arduino software already installed.
–       Sample of Arduino code for the game. A link will be provided for participants to download the code necessary.

Milin Li is currently enrolled in her BFA (Computation Arts) at Concordia University. She has interests in interactive media, where she works to uncover unique and new ways to develop playful interactive media, such as transitioning gaming experiences away from screens, creating unconventional controllers and implementing physical body movements into games.


What: Intro to Arduino/Circuits Workshop

When: Monday, February 1st from 6-8 PM

Where: Concordia University’s EV Building, Room 11.425