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Sylvain Payen

Machine-Machine is a game portraying the white-collar workers in ICT as a new form of working class created through the simplicity and repetitiveness of the tasks assigned to the employees in the oppressive open space. Via the system rhetoric, the game show us also the malicious functioning of human resources management through the competition between workers, the self-surveillance and acceptance of wage reductions and bad working conditions in a society with a high level of unemployment and precariousness. The game takes the structure of a combination

of an abstract management game that represents the organization of a small start-up and a logical puzzle game that illustrate the repetitive problems that employees of IT company have to solve. Although the progressive ideology of the improvement of the work environment and conditions pretend to be lead by the development of Human-Machine interaction (Human-Computer in english) the actual situation seems to be an increase of the dehumanization of the workers from the so-called middle class and a resulting increase of Machine-Machine relations.

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