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Oct 24, 2017

LEVEL UP X GAMERella present Game Design and Planning Workshop

Level Up! workshop series restart with Tanya X. SHORT, who will give us an introduction to the game design. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 24th at the TAG. The workshop is organized in collaboration with GAMERella but you could assist to the workshop even if you don’t take part of the Jam (everyone is welcome). In any case, Please don’t forget to register!

Game Design and Planning

by Tanya Short


This workshop will cover two major topics, intended for folks with little to no prior experience in game making:

  • Making your game more fun ;
  • Making your team as productive & effective as possible;

By the end you’ll have a plan for how to improve the chances that your game design gives the player experience you want, AND how to scope your game so you can actually finish it.

Level : beginner.



The workshop will be taking place on Tuesday, October 24th from 6 PM – 8 PM in 11.425 at the EV building of Concordia University (metro Guy-Concordia) (NB: We may change rooms depending on the size of the group).


Participants must bring:

  • Paper and pencil for notes.
  • An open mind for new processes and ways of working/thinking about games.


About the workshop leader:

Tanya X.SHORT is the designer and director of Kitfox Games, a local Montreal indie studio behind such games as Moon Hunters, The Shrouded Isle, and Shattered Planet. Kitfox Games has also won multiple competitive game jams, including Battle of the Studios at MIGS, StoneJam, and a finalist in Indie SpeedRun. Previously, Tanya worked as a senior designer at Funcom Games, on The Secret World and Age of Conan. In her spare time, she is a co-founder and co-director of Pixelles, a feminist non-profit. She advises you to attend Teacade on October 28th. is the creative Director of Kitfox Games and Pixelles Coordinator.